About Us

Focus On Happiness Community is a friendly and positive social media space where we all connect and focus on happiness in our lives together. We do it through shared goals and intentions, which are focused on taking, sharing and connecting through our pictures – See Community

The Focus On Happiness Program is the happiness and photography teachings provided here in the premium community – See Learning

Focusing On Happiness is a statement and a mindset that could benefit us all. There are many reasons that peoples happiness levels are on a steady decline. Global Pandemic’s, Misuse of Social Media and Consumerism Culture just to name a few. However authentic happiness isn’t something you find or buy, it is something you create for yourself. That begins with you and how you feel in the experiences and interactions you have every single day, both online and off.

Learn how Focus On Happiness was created – Trevor’s journey.

Our Mission & Values


At Focus On Happiness we believe the most important things you can have in life is health, love, happiness, pictures and memories. We value things like kindness, connection, happiness, openness, creativity, positivity, support, empathy, well-being, inclusivity, freedom and authenticity.

Our mission is to use photography to enhance how people see and experience the world every single day every day.