Taking pictures is a fun, creative and enjoyable practice and by changing how you do it just a little, it can also become a way to reduce your stress, calm your wandering mind, help you take ”better” pictures and could even be a path to happiness for you in your life.

''Photography is the way I created happiness in my life and it took me years to understand how and why. Now that I do, I want to share it with others''

- Trevor O'Donoghue

Whether you are brand new to taking pictures or a full time professional photographer, it doesn’t need to be a stressful practice that leaves you second guessing yourself, self critical and frustrated. Nobody in the world is going to learn everything there is to know about photography. Taking pictures is an amazing experience that can help you find your way and show you how to be happy with yourself. Aristotle was one of the first people to write about happiness. His theory was that happiness is the major goal of human existence.

''Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no real education at all''

- Aristotle
Aristotle believed that happiness & well-being is what we are really searching for when we learn anything. These things have now become scientific, they are understandable, achievable by anyone and now even teachable. We teach it through photography in an fun, friendly and positive community.

Join us and learn how to really use your camera, learn how to edit your pictures and make them works of art. But more importantly, learn how you can use photography to create happiness in your life every day. Do it to understand and calm your mind, to add some meaning to experiences you have, to stop all the silly self-doubt and lies that your mind is telling you about yourself and your pictures. Starting creating a happier frame of mind, one picture at a time.

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The Focus On Happiness Program and Community is designed using the science of happiness and wellbeing. This topic is something which has been spoken about and taught for thousands of years. Surprisingly, a lot of the ancient philosophies still stand the test of time today. However in modern times, scientists and positive psychologists have a lot more research and studies to back up their findings.

Theories such as Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Need’s, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Studies and Martin Seligman’s Perma Theory of Wellbeing were at the forefront understanding happiness and well-being. Researchers now shows from tens of thousands of studies, they consistently come across 7 common things that happy people have and do. These things are all at the core of our program and communities.

  1. Building Relationships & Connections
  2. Practicing Kindness
  3. Physiological Factors ”Exercise, Movement, Physical Fitness, Experiencing Nature & Exposure To Light”
  4. Developing A Positive Mindset
  5. Achieving Flow
  6. Discovering Strengths
  7. Finding Meaning

Why do you really want to take better pictures? Why did you buy that better camera? Why did you get the phone that took better pictures? What does “better pictures” actually mean? Isn’t photography about having a picture which has some meaning to you? Capturing a memory, a feeling, a moment or an experience that you can look back on forever. Don’t we really take pictures, just to add a little more joy and happiness to our lives? It can give us all these things and much more.

Trevor O'Donoghue

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