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Learn Photography & Enhance Your Experiences

Where are you in the world now? I can guess you regularly meet or see people capturing what is going on around them with a camera or smartphone and then sharing their pictures on social media for the world to see. Taking pictures has become the new normal for most people. The pictures being shared are reflections of the experiences we are all living daily. Photography is not just reserved for hobbyists, artists and professionals. Photography is for everybody. It is how we all understand and connect these days and it is also the way that so many choose to express themselves.

Photography is a Language

Photography has become The World’s Number 1 Universal Language. A language that is used by every nationality and one which is understood in all cultures and societies. You know the old saying ”A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well this must be true, because around 50% of the world population now own a device that can takes pictures. You’re mind see’s and understands everything in language. You take in information from your senses, you ask yourself a question, give yourself an answer and that is how you develop meaning for every single object or experience that you have in your life. 

Learn how you how you can use photography and mindful photography to understand and develop the language you use in your mind to Enhance and Improve Your Life & Experiences Every Single Day.

Explore You & Your Surroundings with Mindful Photography

Practice photography in a new and exciting way, which can open your mind and connect you to your experiences, change the way you look at your current circumstances and reduce your stress and anxiety. This is a self care and personal development practice that expands how you think and encourages you to focus on what’s really important in your life. Explore weekly focuses in nature with your smartphone or camera and follow some simple writing exercises to improve your well-being and photography skills, expand your thinking process, develop your creativity and help you to be more present, aware and grateful in your life one picture at a time. By broadening your perception, you can become more mindful, less judgemental and more accepting and content in the happy life that you are already experiencing.

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What is Well-being or Wellness?

Well-being and wellness are said to be the experience of health, happiness and abundance in your life. It includes having good mental health, satisfaction in your life, a sense of focus, a meaning or a purpose and knowing tools and methods to deal with stress and stressful situations. The community and learnings are what we provide for this. Check out all the amazing benefits.

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