What is Focus On Happiness Community?

Focus On Happiness Community is an authentic, positive and kind social media space where we all connect and focus on happiness in our lives together. We do it in many ways through shared photography goals and intentions which are focused on taking, reflecting, sharing and connecting through our pictures.

Inside the community we follow the Focus On Happiness Method of Photography. We have photography and editing teachings. We run regular picture a day challenges, give creative photography focuses along with some mindful photography and journaling prompts. We have online and offline workshops. The method also encourages people to get out into nature with their camera’s, so we also provide opportunities for members to experience photography walks and tour’s.

Social Media and Smart Devices are getting a bad rep at the moment. They are shown to have adverse effects on things such our mental health, happiness levels and well-being. In a world where they now play an enormous part of our lives, we believe it is our own responsibility to choose how we use these things? Let’s put them to use in new and more productive ways. Ways that can and improve our health, happiness and well-being.

''Make logging into Focus On Happiness, part of your self care routine''