What is Focus On Happiness Community?

Focus on happiness is a friendly and positive online community of people who focus on happiness in their lives by taking and sharing pictures. This is a social media space where members connect, build friendships and learn about photography and happiness together.

The community and program’s combine to provide you with authentic happiness and well-being tools. Inside we run picture a day challenges, give mindful photography focuses, share all our happiness and photography teachings, along with running online and offline workshops, photography tour’s, walks and monthly zoom catch ups.

Photography and life are both a journey and in here we celebrate all aspects of life and all levels of camera abilities. Photography is not just about the amazing pictures you take. Its about the amazing benefits you receive from the learning, taking pictures, exploring in nature, experiencing life, the me time, self care and reflection, the community, living in the now, being grateful, showing kindness, sharing and supporting each other in the communities and the different special interest groups. Make the most of everything this community and social media space has to offer.

Photography has become the way we all interact and connect with each other online. See our adapt page for more on this topic.

''Make logging into Focus On Happiness, part of your self care routine''

- Trevor O'Donoghue

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