Join A Positive Social Media Space

‘’Just because social media is where everybody else is going,
doesn’t mean it is a place where they really feel like they belong ’’

Why we created Focus On Happiness

Join us to Focus On ”Your” Happiness. Take a break from, or use this community instead of large scale social media sites. Those places are amazing resources for us all to connect, but sometimes they can simply become the highlight reel of peoples lives and not always authentic to who they really are. They can also be places that are filled with fear and negativity. This is especially true during times of hardship. Scientists are showing that this is having drastic effects on things such as our mental health and well-being. See our adapt in a new world page for more on this.

Photography and life are both a journey and in here we celebrate all aspects of life and all levels of camera abilities. Photography and Mindful Photography are about your experience. It’s not just about the amazing pictures you will take when you learn. It is about the amazing benefits you will receive from the learning, taking pictures, exploring in nature, experiencing life, the me time, self care and reflection, the community, living in the now, being grateful, sharing and supporting in both the community and the different special interest groups. We want you to make the most of everything this community and social media space has to offer.

Positive & Supportive Social Media Space

This community is different. It is a positive and supportive social media space for you share your experiences in. Join us for free to be yourself, interact and connect with other people who may have similar interests to you through your photography, through the different picture challenges and through the many experiences you live every single day.

Inside you can learn about photography, how to use your camera, how edit your pictures, but we really focus on the practice of mindful photography and how we use these things to create an abundance of happiness and wellbeing in our lives one picture at a time.

Make logging into Focus On Happiness part of your self care routine....

Hey there, were excited to have you here

Join a positive social media space & focus on your happiness through photography!