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Trevor · July 18, 2020

”Unleash the power of your camera”

Are you looking to pursue a new hobby? Do you have a camera you rarely use? Do want to understand how to use your camera properly? Would you like to build on the photography skills you may already have? Then this the ideal course for you.

This is an Introduction to Digital Photography Course

The course is delivered in 4 sections.

1/ You and Your Camera – 2/ Exposure – 3/ Camera Modes – 4/ The Next Level of Your Photography.

The full course will take you step by step through what you need to know to use your camera to its full potential and elevate your photography to the next level. Each weeks content will show you different aspects of photography, with practical easy to understand web text, video tutorials and weekly tasks.

What level is this for?

This course is for people who are completely new to photography, beginner level or lower intermediate level working with their camera. People who want to know how to expose an image correctly, use all of the different camera modes, learn about colour balance and what it takes to bring your photography to the next level.

How long will it take?

The recommended learning time for this course is 4 weeks. The sections open up weekly. We recommend spending 3/4 hours per week reading the material and also getting out and about with your camera to put what you have learned into practice.

What do I Need?

You will need a camera that has different modes available to practice with. Ideally we suggest you use a camera that has ”Manual or M Mode”

What Will I Learn?

After completing the full course, you will be able to move away from shooting in automatic mode and know when and why to use manual and the other semi auto modes available. You will have more control of your camera and understand the technical aspects to taking a picture. You will be able to capture correctly exposed and in focus images each and every time. Words like aperture, shutter speed, white balance, depth of field and ISO will all make perfect sense to you! Creating emotional and visually pleasing images will become your new and exciting normal.

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