Photography Can Improve Your Life!!!

Where are you in the world now? I can guess you regularly meet or see people capturing what is going on around them with a camera or smartphone and then sharing their pictures on social media for the world to see.

Taking pictures has become the new normal for most people. The pictures being shared are just reflections of the experiences we are all living daily. Photography is not just reserved for hobbyists, artists and professionals. Photography is for everybody. It is how we all understand and connect these days and it is also the way that many choose to express themselves.

Read the following statements and see if you can relate?

‘’I saw that picture on your story’’ … ‘Those pictures are on my page’’ … ”I love the pictures you shared” … ‘’did you see the picture she put up’’ … He commented on one of my pictures””Will you send me those pictures”

If there is a new restaurant that you would like to try. What’s the first thing you look for? (Pictures of the premises and the food)

If you want to check a person out. What do you look for first? (Check their profile pictures)

When you want to share what you are doing with the people you love. What do you do? (Take and send them pictures)

If you do something that you are proud of. What do you do? (Take a picture of it)

What do you do to create memories with your family and loved ones? (Take pictures)

What do you look at to remember people when they are no longer here? (Pictures of them)

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!!! They are so important in all our lives.

Photography has become The World’s Number 1 Universal Language. A language that is used by every nationality and one which is understood in all cultures and societies. You know the old saying ”A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well this must be true, because around 50% of the world population now own a device that can takes pictures.

You’re probably asking, how can photography possibly be a language?

You’re mind see’s and understands everything in language. You take in information from your senses, you ask yourself a question, give yourself an answer and that is how you develop meaning for every single object or experience that you have in your life.

Join our mission and we will share with you, how you how you can use photography and mindful photography to understand and develop the language you use in your mind and this will enhance and improve the life and experiences you are living every day.

Do you want to learn how to use the camera that is thrown in the back of the press?

Are you getting a camera for Christmas and want to know how to use it properly?

Do you already like taking pictures and would like to know how to edit your pictures and give them some pop?

Are you looking for the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one?

Are you just bored, anxious or lonely and want to learn a new hobby?

With some guidance and learning, taking pictures can also become a self care and personal development practice to reduce stress and anxiety, make you more mindful, increase your focus and develop your creativity. More importantly it can even make you happy and increase your wellbeing.

Who doesn’t want all of those things?

Join This positive and supportive social media space is far away from fear, negativity, agendas and judgement. It’s a place to be yourself, learn and share your experiences, interact, connect and meet like-minded people through your photography, picture challenges and many other experiences.  Become a member to help us grow the community together. Members can learn about mindful photography for happiness and wellbeing, how to unleash the full power of their camera and how to make their pictures art with picture editing.

Let’s create more happiness and well-being in our lives and the lives of others, one picture at a time

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