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The core features (Your new practice)

Trevor November 19, 2020

Core Features of Mindography


The core features are what we would like you to follow throughout your practice from now on. They are combined together as a tool for your mind to reduce your stress levels, to reprogram your stress response and to change your thought patterns in the process. Because you have chosen to be mindful through photography, you are also creating happy memories full of feelings and emotion, which you can look back through for the rest of your life.

‘’ Spending time doing things for other people is great, but making time for yourself should be a priority. Making time for yourself is not a shellfish act. For you to be able do things for, or help other people, you first must be able to do things for you and help yourself ‘’ 

Remember when I mentioned that Mindfulness is just like a muscle you build? By doing this type of practice, you are overcoming the negativity bias in your brain. You will be using your negativity bias or amygdala less and with time and practice it can become untrained, reduce in size and alert you less often.

‘’ One study I read, followed a group of people who participated in 8 weeks of mindfulness practice. These participants agreed to have brain scans before and after the study. The results of The MRI’s were amazing. After only 8 weeks of Mindfulness practice, these peoples Amygdala’s had reduced in size. This was due to its inactivity. When the amygdala shrinks, amazingly your pre-frontal brain gets thicker. We spoke briefly about our pre-frontal brain in a previous section. This is our super computer that helps us to reason and solve complex situations. Its where our creativity and imagination live and is also associated with awareness, concentration and decision making. ‘’

See the study at this link –Click Here


The Practice

In Mindful Photography and in Life, we are aiming to achieve ”flow”. Following the Core Features of Mindful Photography helps us achieve flow a lot easier. Each feature has an in life representation, along with an in practice use for you and your camera. Like everything that we do, there is always a place for your own perception also.

Take time to reflect and write how you perceive the feature in your life at this time and come back to update your perception whenever you feel the need to do so.

Remember this practice is about the experience and the process, rather than focusing on the finished product or picture. It’s about letting go of any expectations and being more aware through your senses. Exploring you and your surroundings and being curious about what you might see, rather than being closed minded and judgemental towards what you are seeing. Accepting your experiences for what they are and not what you believe they should or could be. Respect this process and allow it bring you to a flow state as you explore.

Check out this article by Gilly Walker to reinitiate what we have just spoken about – Click Here

1/ Focus On You

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus”

In Life – Make time for yourself and prioritise your ‘’Me Time’’. If you find yourself looking to others for inspiration? There is no need. The chances of you being born were somewhere around 1 in 400 Trillion. You are a living miracle so believe in yourself.

In Your Practice – Be alone with your thoughts. Learn about yourself and who you are. Find what you are good at, do what you’re passionate about and use this time to focus on things that make you happy. Remember savour these moments take a picture and make them lasting memories. Always believe in yourself. 

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ? 

2/ Be Present

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more” – Mother Teresa

In Life – You could be in a beautiful place doing fun things with friends or family, only to find yourself thinking about regrets from the past or worried about things that may or may not happen in your future. Be present in the ‘’Now” and experience these moments fully. Remove unnecessary distractions during these times and try not to control every outcome in your life.

In Your Practice – The idea is not to be thinking too much about camera settings. Use your camera of choice in full auto or a semi automatic mode if you have camera experience. Be fully engaged with what you are doing now. Remove any unnecessary distractions you have. ie… If you are using your phone, then I suggest silent, do not disturb or airplane mode. 

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ?

3/ Don’t Judge

“How others judge you is not important, how you see yourself means everything”

In Life – By not criticising or judging yourself or others, you are opening up to accepting who you are and what is around you. Replace any judgements you may have in your life with curiosity and ask questions. We are all different and everyone’s viewpoint is valid to them so don’t waste time or energy trying to prove yourself or aiming to disprove others. 

In Your Practice – Remember there is no good or bad, right or wrong in this practice. We only look for positives during this time, so put a positive spin on things that aren’t going your way. Use 3-1 positivity ratio. Also please do not look back through or critique any images until after you finish your practice or later in the day. 

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ?

4/ Observe

“All you have to do is pay attention, lessons always arrive when you are ready” – Paulo Coelho

In Life – Far too often we don’t pay attention to what’s going on inside our mind and that makes us victims of our emotions. Practice self-awareness in certain situations. Take deep breathes and observe what you are doing, how you are thinking and what you are really feeling. 

In Your Practice – The aim is not to fill your camera full of images. Try not distracting your observations by photographing everything that you see. We are practicing self-awareness, so observe colours, textures, sounds, smells, people or things which may draw your attention. Notice how these things make you feel. If your mind wanders at any stage. Bring your focus back to your breathe or your camera. 

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ?

5/ Be Optimistic

“Things turn out best, for the people who make the best of the way things turn out” – John Wooden

In Life – Ask yourself if something really needs to be good or bad? Sometimes stuff just is what it is! Life is not always about defining everything you see. Don’t spend your time constantly look for perfection. Life is sometimes about finding perfection in our imperfections and being open enough to see them. Learn to trust you and your instincts more while being optimistic about where your journey may take you. 

In Your Practice – We are not looking to take great pictures each and every time. We are opening ourselves up to the possibility of the picture finding us. The direction you are going will choose you so try not to resist. Move towards the direction that feels right for you and be excited and optimistic about what you might see there. 

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ?

6/ Accept

“Accept what it is, let go of what it was and have faith in what it will be”

In Life – Life is a cycle full of highs and lows. No one can see the whole picture at any one moment. Different people and experiences bring different things to your life. Accept where you are in your journey now and don’t leave another person’s journey detract from yours. Remember they are focused on their own journey and their happiness. We have all lived different lives so it’s not possible for us all to see things in the same way. 

In Your Practice – At some stage, something will catch your eye or stand out to you. Go with these moments. Stop and take a few deep breathes. Spend a few moments considering the shot. We aim to try and capture your full experience in this picture. Your experience is full of thoughts, feelings and actions. Accept that this was your experience and press the shutter button, but ONLY ONCE.

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ?

7/ Experience

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” – Henry David Thoreau

In Life – Try not to be overly focused on certain aspects of life, such as material possessions, unhealthy relationships or non-productive experiences. They can influence and distract you from what you could be experiencing. Life is in constant flow and moving forward, so go with the flow and trust in your ability to adapt as you flow through your life. 

In Your Practice – Everything you have just done up to this moment has been ‘’your experience’’. The same place with the same conditions can be a very different experience the next time around. For now, it’s time to move onto new things. Continue on your way, repeating the whole process again. Find your flow and add more experiences to your Life and Mindful Photography Journey.

How do you perceive this in your life at this moment ?

Download the core features of Mindography above !!!

What you are doing every time you practice :-

  • Being yourself
  • Increasing awareness through your senses
  • Becoming a witness to your thoughts
  • Experiencing positive and productive feelings
  • Broadening your perception
  • Overcoming your stress responses
  • Integrating the core features into your life
  • Achieving flow
  • Reshaping your brain and neural pathways to give you more of the same

”For us to be able to be able to develop mind tools, which allow us to have traits such as not judging, being optimistic and becoming accepting towards our life experiences. We first need to nurture and feed these things to our mind consistently. This will be happening in your life and also in your practice. We cant be fully aware of the inner workings of our mind at any one time, because we simply can’t see the process going on and we don’t live inside of an MRI scanner. It can sometimes be hard to notice the changes ourselves. Rest assured your brain is taking what you are doing consistently and it is building better connections and communication between different parts while also creating new and more productive neural pathways.”


Download the core features of Mindography above and write your perception of each core feature in your life at this moment.

Is there a particular area in your life that you need a little more practice with a certain feature?

Do you need to change your mindset and approach something from a new perspective to create a different perception?

You are your own teacher and you know what you really need. Clear any of the limiting beliefs or thoughts that you may have using everything you have learned and move forward in your life with a renewed purpose.

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