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Section 5 Intentions

Trevor November 19, 2020

Developing your eye

For section 5, your intention is to photograph The Flow Of Your Life. This is something you can do a few days over the two weeks or you can simply choose one day. ”Whatever works best for you”. If you are selecting one day, then make it a regular day and not one where you have different plans than a normal day. The aim is to become aware of a typical day in your life.

From the second you wake up, start your day with a photograph. Anything that you would like to photograph, but something that relates to your life in that moment. After you take that first photograph we would like you to set a countdown timer to go off throughout the day. Choose two hours increments ’’or one hour if you are a little more adventurous’’.

Every time your alarm goes off, note exactly what you eyes are looking at. If you have to move to get your camera, then that is perfectly ok. Come back to exactly what your eyes were looking at when the alarm went off and take a picture of it.

At the end of your day we would like you to reflect on the photos you have taken. Use your new glad technique to do this. 

Enjoy your practice and remember to use the community. Post, comment, support and encourage others in their journey. 


Intentions and Activities Overview

Intention 1 – Expand on your gratitude practice by journaling using the G.L.A.D Technique. This can be done through your photography & journaling, or simply by journaling. This is your new way to practice and maintain your gratitude while also expanding your awareness in the process.

Intention 2 – Your Mindography Focus for this section is The Flow of Your Life – Focus on the flow of your day/life.  Remember the aim is to become more aware of how you spend your time and what you focus your energy on.

Intention 3 – Contribute and Interact With The Community – We would really love if you would set yourself the intention to share and interact in the community as much as possible, but at least once a week as you make your way through this course.

Intention 4 -Try to identify some emotions you experience by using the emotion wheel.

Intention 5 – Take the time to discover your signature strengths and your core values. Here are two awesome free resources to do this.

Signature StrengthsClick Here

Core ValuesClick Here

Intention 6 – How often do we actually spend time writing down things that make us happy? For most, this would probably not be very often. This is something we can change, because we realise we are important and entitled to be happy, no matter what our circumstances are. Make a list of what you do for yourself to achieve “Your Happiness”. Is it a long or short list? Can you increase it? Rememberer there is no right or wrong here, just become aware of it and you are going to expand on this with all your Mindography Practice from the next section onwards.

Resource Overview


Why Happiness is like water by Einzelgänger –Click Here

Fight Mediocrity Video –  Flow and Flow States –Click Here

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s – Ted Talk Video –Click Here

Articles’s  Article on The Benefits of Happiness – Click Here

Sonja Lyubomirsky’s Webpage – Click Here

The emotion colour wheel comes by Robert Plutchik – Click Here

Healthline article on feeling and emotions Click Here

Mihaly’s Csikszentminaly Wikipedia  – Click Here

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