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Section 4 Intentions

Trevor November 19, 2020

Developing your eye

For section 4, your intention is the photograph the weather.

In Life, the weather is something that probably influences us more than we would like to realise. If conditions are not ideal, our mind might tell us to stay inside and be warm and safe. However it is also possible that you may have the correct clothing for these conditions. If you do? These conditions may be very soothing and relaxing to walk around in.

Ask yourself how do you perceive the weather?

We understand that going out in adverse weather conditions isn’t possible for everybody. We want you all to be safe. Safety is always the number one priority. We would just like to state that ”staying inside is a conscious decision you make” for different reasons.

Try not to wait for the perfect conditions, to do anything you really want to do in your life. 

”There has been times when I wanted to go taking pictures, but the weather hasn’t gone my way, so I decided to drive around taking pictures in different locations from my van. I did this just to see how my favourite locations look under different weather and lighting conditions. I still find it amazing how my perception of a location can change as the weather and lighting change.”

During your practice you are becoming aware of your thoughts, but also acknowledging your feelings. The ability to get in touch with how you are really feeling, will get easier with time and practice. Remember we are 90%-95% controlled by our subconscious or ”feeling mind”, so it is important to acknowledge and understand this.


In Your Mindography Practice, the same picture or scene can evoke different feelings and emotions in us, depending on the weather, lighting and how we perceive the pictures to be. This is also very true for people. Different people in different situations, bring different feelings and emotions into our life at different times.

Perception is everything. How do you want to perceive what is happening?

  • Perception – ‘’the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted’’

For your practice we would like you to take a bunch of pictures in the same location and then photograph these same locations again under a few different weather and lighting conditions. See how the picture completely changes, but also notice how your feeling towards the pictures change. Different weather and lighting in a photograph can evoke different feelings and emotions for us. When we are aware of this, we can consciously change how we perceive things to be in the moment.

Enjoy your practice and remember to use the community. Post, comment, support and encourage others in their journey. 


Intentions and Activities Overview

Intention 1 – Continue with Gratitude Journaling throughout this course and hopefully afterwards also. This can be done through your photography & journaling, or simply through journaling. Aim to incorporate journaling into your every day routine. 

Intention 2Change Your Perception writing exercise – This tool can be used at any time to change your perception. Spend time writing, then rewrite and rationalise to see if there is a logical solution to your problems.

Intention 3 – Your Mindography Focus for this section is The Weather. Take the same picture in the same location under a few different weather conditions and see how your perceptions of a location changes as the weather changes.

Intention 4 – Contribute and Interact With The Community – We would really love if you would set yourself the intention to share and interact in the community as much as possible, but at least once a week as you make your way through this course

Intention 5Write Your Destress list – Reflect and write your destress list and then add to it as you learn and progress.

Intention 6 – Explore The Law of Attraction and see areas where you may be able to bring it into your life.

Intention 7Internal Stressors – Be mindful and try and discover your inner stressors. You can use the methods we discussed previously to try and counteract them.

Resource Overview

Videos –

Wellcast Video – Automatic Thoughts –Click Here

The Bucket Analogy –Click Here

After Skool Video –  Jim Carey – Your need for acceptance –Click Here

Jeremy Bennett Video on The Law of Attraction – Click Here

Articles –

The American Institute of Stress – When stress is good for you –Click Here

Dr Happy’s Automatic Thoughts list – Click Here


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