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Section 3 Intentions

Trevor November 19, 2020

Positive Psychology Tools

We would like to share a few positivity tools that help us in our life. This is to expand your awareness and we have a lot of these aspects built into the core features of your Mindgraphy practice already, so you will eventually be practicing a lot of these. 

First and foremost. The goal is not always to suppress any negative thoughts or feelings. We are all human and these things can and will happen. They are perfectly normal. Negative thoughts and feelings should be noted and dealt with accordingly, before being moved on from in a productive manner.

I love this inspirational video by Be Positive Always – 

Awareness & Perception :-


‘’ Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s your choice. ’’

By far the most powerful tool. Simply being aware of how your mind works, gives you the ability to make smarter choices in your every day life.

Keeping a Positive Mind-set :-


In positive psychology, they say to overcome a negative mind state. It takes a 3 to 1 ratio for your thoughts.

  • So, if you have a negative or judgemental thought, then become aware of it, but try to think of 3 positive or productive thoughts in this very same situation. These 3 positive or productive thoughts far outweigh the negative one and this keeps your mind at ease. 

Example – “I was planning on practicing some mindography today in the national park near where I live and I was excited, but the weather is cold and it might rain, so I’m not going out”

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside, I have plenty of warm and waterproof clothing to keep me protected and there is also the possibility that it may not rain.
  2. If it does rain, the wet weather provides a beautiful backdrop for pictures. I could get reflections in puddles, raindrops on leaves and even a potential rainbow.
  3. Personally, I actually find the sound of the rain very calming and peaceful and I like walking in the rain,

Using Positive Language :-


Try to keep an eye on the type of language you use on a day to day basis.

  • Using negative language without ever taking notice, puts you in a negative state of mind and this can even lead to negative experiences. Ever hear the expression ‘’Like attracts Like’’ We believe this to be very true. Positive people attract positive experiences into their lives and negative people attract negative experiences into their lives.
  • Take note of the above, and read the statement below. See can you relate it to yourself in some way. It may relate to how your looking, the work you are doing, the current level of talent you may have or even when you are kind enough to do something nice for another person.

‘’If you are showing someone your pictures and they complement you on how nice they are. If you then reply saying things like – I should have done this, I could have done that, it would have been better if, if only I had thought to. This is all negative self-talk. What you should be saying is…. Thank you for the compliment and I learned a lot from that picture’’

Stop Complaining :-


Sometimes we can be in a great mood and feeling fantastic, but still find ourselves complaining. This is sometimes just because it’s a learned habit and like any habit, this can also be changed with repetition.

  • The next time you find yourself complaining out loud, follow it up with a positive point that counteracts it straight away or try to make sure you finish speaking on a positive point. This will help you train your mind to be more curious and optimistic in situations rather than immediately focusing on the negative.
  • For example. If it’s a dark, cold and wet day. Many people automatically say “it’s a terrible day, the weather is awful etc. Instead try taking the mind-set of “I’m grateful I have a nice cosy home to stay warm and dry in” or ‘’I’m grateful I have waterproof clothing to keep me dry’’.

Set Positivity Goals or Intentions :-


You can also set goals, intentions or targets for yourself during your day. It will give you something to aim for and give you a sense of accomplishment as you achieve the goal in your day.

These goals can be big, small or whatever works for you. Often it can be easier starting off goal setting by choosing more reachable or achievable goals first.

Today I am going to complain no more than 3 times! This will make you much more aware of your thoughts throughout the day and complaining may not even happen. You might just start saving your complaints for stuff you feel really justifies them. With practice, small things will stop bothering you as much.

Check out Psychology Todays Article on Self Compassion – Click Here

Developing your eye

Positive psychology tools are awesome and we love them. Some of these tools are incorporated into the core features of your Mindography practice already and will be available to you soon.

For section 3, your intention is to photograph your Happiness. I’m holding back on the guidelines purposefully, this time around. You are the only person who can perceive your happiness and we want you to go find it and photograph it.

It is time to start prioritising your ‘’ME TIME’’ Spending time doing things for other people is great, but making time for yourself to do what you like to do, should always be a priority in your life. Making time for yourself is not a shellfish act. For you to be able do things for, or help other people, you first must be able to do things for you and be able to help yourself. 

If you find yourself looking to others for inspiration? There is no need. The chances of you being born were somewhere around 1 in 400 Trillion. You are a living miracle. Make a conscious decision to believe in yourself from now on.

Be alone with your thoughts and your camera. Learn about yourself and who you are. Find what you are good at, do what you’re passionate about and use this time to focus on things that make you happy. Remember to make the most of these moments and take a photograph, so you can make them lasting memories which you can look back on forever.

Enjoy your practice and remember to use the community. Post, comment, support and encourage others in their journey.

Intentions & Activities Overview

Intention 1 – Continue with Gratitude Journaling throughout this course and hopefully afterwards also. This can be done through your photography & journaling, or simply through journaling. Aim to incorporate journaling into your every day routine.

Intention 2 – Your Mindography Focus for this section is Happiness. Try to incorporate ”your happiness” into your practice as much as possible. Discover what makes you happy. It can be big or small, but we would like you to find it and photograph it.

Intention 3 – Contribute and Interact With The Community – We would really love if you would set yourself the intention to share and interact in the community as much as possible, but at least once a week as you make your way through this course

Intention 4Thoughts, Feelings & Actions Exercise – Spend some time reflecting and writing out the thoughts, feelings and actions exercise that we provided earlier.

Intention 5Perceptions in your life – Spend time reflecting on perceptions in your life. Is there an area that you may want to change perception and possibly be a little happier about? We will have a change perception exercise for you in Lesson 4.

Intention 6Positive Psychology Tools – Practice some of these these positive psychology tools to soak up even more benefits. See which ones you may like to incorporate into your life everyday. We have talked about – Being Aware, Keeping a Positive Mind-set, Using Positive Language, Stoping Complaining and Setting Positivity Goals & Intentions.

Resource Overview

Videos – 

Preston Smiles on Perception – Click Here

Fight or Flight by Learning Junction – Click Here

Motivational Video by Be Positive Always – Click Here

Articles –

Psychology Today’s, Self Compassion Article – Click Here

Pam Sterling’s Article on the power of perception –Click Here

How to Grow The Good in your Brain by Greater Good Magazine –Click Here


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