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Section 2 Intentions

Trevor November 19, 2020

Developing Your Eye

Mindography is a practice of broadening your awareness and changing perspective with both your mind and your camera. In section 1 we set an intention for you to photograph things which you we were grateful for in your life and we hope you are feeling the benefits of your new ‘’attitude of gratitude’’. This week we will change it up a little bit.

For section 2, your intention is to photograph textures. Textures are everywhere around us. We just need to open our mind up to seeing them fully.

”Close your eyes for a few moments and take a few deep breathes. Use your hands to touch and feel the objects around you. Notice how everything, including the clothes you are wearing have their own unique texture. Feel how these textures react to your touch. Each item is unique and has it own feel and texture.”

  • Perspective – ‘’the appearance of viewed objects with regard to their relative position and distance from the viewer’’

In Life, everyone has different opinions and different perspectives on topics. These same people bring different things to our lives at different times. We have all lived completely unique lives, so having different perspectives on topics is completely understandable and everybody is entitled to their own point of view. Our perspective of people often changes depending on how close we are to them at different times also.

An important thing to note is that we can all change our perspective at any time. Our perspective ”our opinion now”, doesn’t have to remain this way forever. We can choose to change it at any time. Instead of judging something or someone as right or wrong, good or bad, try asking questions and be curious instead. A little bit of curiosity helps us to see things from a different angle, a new point of view or a different perspective. Remember if we all thought the exact same, then life may get a little boring.


In your Mindography practice, we also want you to use perspective in this way. Be curious about the photograph you are about to take. Walk really close to objects and then walk far away again. Watch how the textures and objects change and blend together as you change your perspective in relation to them. Look at objects from a completely different angle or a new point of view. Be open to angles that you normally would not. Look from above, below, behind, in front, from a distance, up close or even through objects. Curiosity with your camera also helps you to be more creative.

This week we would like you to find textures with your camera. Remember to follow the Simplified Mindography Practice and focus on different perspectives as you move along to find textures.

When you find a location you may like to photograph. Examine it and walk around. Be curious and optimistic about what you may see. Aim to find all the different textures which exist in that one area. Notice how these textures blend and change, as you change your perspective in relation to them. 

Change your perspective article by Nicolas Cole – Click Here

Enjoy your practice and remember to use the community. Post, comment, support and encourage others in their journey. 

Intentions & Activities Overview

Intention 1 – Continue with Gratitude Journaling throughout this course and hopefully afterwards also. This can be done through your photography & journaling, or simply through journaling. Aim to incorporate journaling into your every day routine.

Intention 2 – Your Mindography Focus for this section is Textures. Try to incorporate textures as much as possible throughout your practice.

Intention 3 – Contribute and Interact With The Community – We would really love if you would set yourself the intention to share and interact in the community as much as possible, but at least once a week as you make your way through this course

Intention 4 – 4-7-8 Breathing Technique – Take the time to practice this relaxing breathing technique, especially when you find your stress or anxiety levels building.

Intention 5 – Awareness – Practice awareness of how your thinking is effecting you and the negativity bias of your mind. Try to rationalise this at times when you may be perceiving threat unnecessarily. Use the breathing technique to calm both your mind and body.

Intention 6 – Perspective – Reflect on where you are now and see if there is any possible opportunities for you to change your perspective ”your opinion” in an area of your life? Exercises to help you do so will be available in later sections.

Resource Overview

Videos – 

Embodied Philosophy on the mind – Click Here

Project Better Self’s Autopilot Video – Click Here

The Brains Negativity Bias by Make Up Your Mind – Click Here

Articles –

Your Mind Does Not Care What Your Brain Thinks – Click Here

The Negativity Bias Study – Click Here

Live sciences article on Intuition – Click Here

Change your perspective article by Nicolas Cole – Click Here


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