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Rewiring Your Brain

Trevor November 19, 2020



A lot of neural (mental) activity passes through the brain without leaving any impression, but repeated and prolonged activity will leave an impact. Our thoughts, feelings and actions really do matter, as they can form negative or positive programmes in our mind. These programmes literally rewire and reshape our brain and neural pathways to give us more of the same. Our brain does this to make it easier for us to access the things we think, feel or do repeatedly.

There is a saying in neuroscience. ‘’Mental States Become Neural Traits’’ To explain this quote simply…. The Subconscious Mind must accept whatever you give to it from the Conscious Mind and the more repetition you have towards positivity in your Conscious Mind – the more your Subconscious Mind will have to accept it and start to reshape your brain and neural pathways to fit the new thought patterns of positivity and happier feelings. We can all do this with a little practice.

”Rewire your brain and neural pathways to make yourself feel better.”

It’s important to note, that if we don’t make the choice to change our own neural traits, then other forces will do this for us. Things such as our past experiences, technology, family, media and social media are most common these days. That is why we created this course and placed it in a supportive community, full of positive thinkers to share our experiences with. We believe support & encouragement is what everybody really needs as we progress through life.

How to Grow The Good in your Brain by Greater Good Magazine –Click Here

”You are the person that you spend most of your time talking to. Inner dialogue with yourself is what creates the world you ”SEE” around you everyday. How you think and speak to yourself can actually determine how your brain wires or rewires.”


Emotion and Feeling created this course

As we have mentioned, human beings make decisions depending on how they are feeling and rarely using logic. Major companies know this as fact and they market directly to how we are feeling and our emotions. It works too.

Here is one of Pamper Nappies Advert’s. Remember this is to advertise Nappies!!! Thanks to Commercials YouTube page for this video.

We’ve learned that thoughts are not always facts, but they do become our experience when we focus on them. An amazing capability that we all have as human beings, is the ability to focus our thoughts. When we are in control of our thinking, we can then choose to use them in a more productive manner.

Nearly everything you see in front of you, first existed as a thought inside somebody’s mind. Take a second to look around you right now. Look at the things you see and interact with every day. The building you are in, the clothes you are wearing, the pictures on your wall, the technology you are using and even the course you are doing right now. These things you see, experience and interact with, were originally somebody’s idea and only lived inside of their minds.


‘’Trevor had an idea to create a new type of Mindful Photography Course’’

  1. This particular idea began as a thought in Trevor’s Conscious Mind.
  2. This caused Trevor to have feelings of excitement, which happened in his Subconscious Mind.
  3. That feeling of excitement got Trevor emotionally involved in the whole idea. It made him happy.
  4. Once he was emotionally involved, that made Trevor take particular actions to move forward. He started creating and writing consistently.
  5. Trevor’s actions to move forward caused a result and reaction from other people. He received feedback.
  6. Trevor then assessed the reactions to what he had done and had more new thoughts about his idea.
  7. The cycle continued and eventually this is how The Mindography Program got created.

It sounds so simple, but we can often forget that it is that simple. Set backs and obstacles can and will happen along your journey in life, but understand that you are emotionally driven, that everything first originates as a thought in your mind and you then took action depending on how you were feeling.

Your experience is you’re senses taking in information, your mind creating thoughts & feeling and you taking actions.

Reshaping and rewiring your brain and neural pathways to fit a new positive mindset doesn’t happen over night. It takes consistency and repetition. Changes can and will happen in your brain and subconscious mind.

Ask yourself, if it’s time to start focusing your thoughts in more positive & productive ways consistently?

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