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Mindful Photography (Focus On You)

Trevor September 18, 2023

The Core Features

1/ Focus On You

At its core, mindfulness and mindful photography is about cultivating awareness of yourself. Focusing on, and understanding how you feel in experiences that you are having and letting go of the need for control of what is happening outside of you.

This starts when you allow yourself the time and space to turn your awareness inwards to observe your internal states, such as your thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical sensations, wants, motivations, intolerances and desires without judgement. This heightened state of awareness and processing time you allow yourself is how we all will learn about who we really are. When people build the habit of slowing down, it usually brings them on a journey of understanding, healing and connecting/reconnecting with their true self, which is where authentic happiness lies. This journey may also highlight areas of discomfort/pain which may need to be addressed, adjusted or healed from. This is all part of life and a piece of everybody’s journey.

Some feelings and emotions are easy to experience. Others may be a little more difficult. The most important thing to note is that is is completely normal to experience all types of feelings and emotions. We do not always need to label them as good, bad positive or negative. Unfortunately society has taught many of us the complete opposite. That we need to feel better, to bury how we are feeling and ”get on with it” any time emotions arise. However we are here to experience all of them. Thats what being human is about. There is no positive without negative, no good without bad. No learning without experience.

Focusing on you means this is your time to do something you want to do and your time is not something to be bargained with. Enjoy the process.

‘’ We call the artwork above, a life experience. This is a complete cycle and it is always running ’’

Human beings are emotionally driven

Most actions we take are taken depending on how we are feeling in that moment. We may think we are in control, but we are up to 95% emotionally controlled.

  • Thoughts cause Feelings
  • Feelings happen in your body
  • How you are feeling determines how you Act
  • Your Actions cause Results
  • Results cause a Reaction
  • Reactions cause more Thoughts

Thoughts Become Our Experience 

Its now scientifically proven that our physical health is directly linked to our mental state, and this is also linked in reverse. This puts us completely at the mercy of our biology.

Thoughts in your head are not always facts, but an interesting thing happens when you focus your mind on those thoughts. Those thoughts literally become your bodies experience. One part of your mind is taking the thoughts you are having and is perceiving them as reality, because it doesn’t know what is real or imagined. It is then creating the corresponding feeling for those thoughts. This causes you distress. You may think these are just thoughts, but by focusing your attention on them, it means that your body is also coming along for the ride. 

‘’Stress is a form of suffering whether we you want to believe it to be or not’’

All we really have control over in any experience is our thoughts, feelings and actions. We can only do our best with these and we have little or no control over our results, or other people’s reactions towards us.

It is also important to be mindful that our actions do cause this very same process to happen in other people.

”If you are going to be anything, be kind”

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate, and is one of the most common traits that happiness researchers found in authentically happy people. Empathy may be the ability to understand what a person is going through, but Kindness is Empathy in action. Understanding and being kind to a person because you know how they are feeling is being influenced by this going on in their lives.


Remember this :-

  • You are not your mind
  • You are not your thoughts
  • You are not your feelings

Thoughts are something that happen in your mind without your control. Your mind if left unguided will consistently bring you to fear or pain. The fear of your future or the pain of your past. Be aware of this and work to separate yourself from your mind, your thoughts and your feelings. These are all separate things.

We now live in a world that is filled with distractions and addictions that wreak havoc on our minds. ”Social media, smart devices, entertainment apps and just a complete overload of news and information”. Because of this, many people feel like they don’t the time or are fearful towards turning their focus inwards, so it can be challenging. Making the time and giving yourself that space is a necessary step towards self-understanding and healing on your journey through life.

Everyday Tips :- Start by carving out some quiet time for yourself. Practice a little introspection. Ask yourself what are you doing or not doing? How are you feeling? You might find it helpful to maintain a journal where you can jot down your thoughts and feelings. Over time, you will begin to notice patterns or recurring themes that can provide insight into your emotional landscape and connect with the many amazing aspects that make you who you are. Our mindful photography process is a guide you follow with your camera and also includes journaling. By following this process over time with repetition, you are actually rewiring and reshaping your brain through neuroplasticity….

With Your Camera

Practicing this feature in your photography means spending time away from these distractions and stressors, allowing yourself the time for peace, introspection, creativity and relaxation. So this means phones or smart devices are on silent or do not disturb. This is your time to be alone with your camera and your inner world in nature. We would like you to think of this as your own little adventure or exploration for amazing pieces of art that are already out there, only waiting to be photographed.

I believe photography appeals to our primal instincts. We are hunting for cool pictures and foraging all of these beautiful memories for ourselves to make ourselves feel better, just like we did so many generations ago in our life of survival. What many people don’t realise about photography, is that it is ”CATHARTIC”. The very act of taking pictures and being creative in this way is actually a form of emotional release. It’s a way to express and process feelings and emotions through creativity. Photography is a therapeutic tool when practiced in this way. This is a combination of a mindfulness based stress reduction therapy and a mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy.

The camera in your hand is your anchor and it creates a safe and comfortable space for you to focus your attention on. Use this time to understand your motivations, what draws you to the picture you are taking and this beautiful art form? What themes or subjects you are passionate about photographing. Do you enjoy capturing landscapes, portraits, street scenes, or wildlife? Do it!!! Are you drawn to stark contrasts or softer tones? Find out!!! As you begin to understand these aspects of yourself and your photographic self, you can start to develop your unique style and voice in not only photography, but also in your life.

“Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.”

Paul Strand

This quote encapsulates the essence of focusing on yourself in photography. It’s a reminder that your photos are a reflection of you, your thoughts, your feeling and experiences which are your very own unique perspective.