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How Your Thinking Effects You?

Trevor November 19, 2020

‘’ We call the artwork above, a life experience. This is a complete cycle and it is always running ’’

Human beings are emotionally driven

Most actions we take as human beings are taken depending on how we are feeling in that moment.

  • Thoughts cause Feelings
  • Feelings happen in your body
  • How you are feeling determines how you Act
  • Your Actions cause Results
  • Results cause a Reaction
  • Reactions cause more Thoughts

Thoughts Become Our Experience 

We have touched on the fact that ‘’Our physical health can be directly linked to our mental state, and this is also linked in reverse. ”This puts us completely at the mercy of our biology’’

I’m going to explain to you how this occurs.

Thoughts in your head are not always facts, but an interesting thing happens when you focus your mind on those thoughts. They literally become your bodies experience. Your subconscious mind is taking the thoughts you are having in your conscious mind and perceiving them as reality. ”Remember it doesn’t know what is real or fake”. It is then creating the corresponding feeling for those thoughts.

You may think these are just thoughts, but by focusing your attention on them, your body is also coming along for the ride. 

‘’Stress is suffering whether we believe it to be or not’’


If we take an example of you sitting at home on your couch in a completely stress free environment, but your mind is focused on a regret from your past or fearful about something that may ‘’or may not’’ happen in your future. This causes stress. Stress is our body reacting to change and is an alert system for our mind to respond to these changes. Focusing your mind on these thoughts causes your body to experience the corresponding feelings.

If you perceive these situations as threatening, it can cause you to experience fearful thoughts and your brain and body to respond by releasing chemicals and electrical signals, which all combine to match the thought and the feeling. This causes your body to go through this fearful event, as if it was happening right now in this exact moment.

F-F-F or Fight, Flee or Freeze

  1. When you are having stressful thoughts, then your subconscious mind doesn’t know if the event is real or imagined. Your ”Amygdala or Negativity Bias” takes over. (This is known as the amygdala highjack). This alerts another part of your brain which is known as ”The Reptilian Brain”. This controls the stress or survival response in your body. It is only interested in your survival and doesn’t care what is really going on.
  2. Your mind and brain tell your body to start releasing chemicals, hormones, and electrical signals which all combine to match how your body is feeling towards these thoughts.
  3. You become more alert, you stop digesting your food, your blood pressure rises, blood flow shifts, your eyes rapidly focus and your muscles tighten. Your body is experiencing something called ‘’fight, flee or freeze mode’’.
  4. This can be subtle or more severe and it is simply preparing you to take the perceived threat head on, to run away from the perceived danger or to freeze so the perceived danger cannot see your movements.
  5. You may be experiencing this, while sitting at home on your couch in a completely stress-free environment. Your thoughts literally become your bodies experience when you focus your mind on them and both your mind & body feel all the effects of this. Safe to say this isn’t good for your mental or physical health.

The fight, flight or freeze response is often referred to as fear, stress or anxiety. This is triggered throughout your day and in many ways.

This is a great explanation on Fight, Flee or Freeze mode by Braive –

In Mindography we work to change how we perceive experiences in our life.

“You and your world are composed of your thoughts, the wise man controls his thoughts” Budda

Our brain is an ever-learning organ. It can be changed by our life experiences, along with our thoughts, feelings, & actions during these experiences.

All we really have control over in any situation is our thoughts, feelings and actions. We can only do our best with these and we have little or no control over our results, or other people’s reactions towards us.

It is also important to be mindful that our actions do cause this very same process to happen in other people.

”If you are going to be anything, be kind”


Remember :-

  • You are not your mind
  • You are not your thoughts
  • You are not your feelings

Thoughts are something that happen in your mind without your control. Your mind if left untrained will consistently bring you to fear or pain. The fear of your future or the pain of your past. Be aware of this and work to separate yourself from your mind, your thoughts and your feelings. These are all separate things.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.” –  Lao Tzu

In Mindography, you are learning about your mind. You are spending time with your thoughts and becoming more aware through your senses. When you notice how you are thinking and how you feel as a result of your thinking, it helps you build a stronger connection between your mind and your body.

During your practice, you are becoming more comfortable with yourself in your experiences. This will help you to control the actions you take, while also helping you to become less judgemental, more optimistic and accepting toward outside influences or other people’s point of view. We like to call it…

A practice of becoming comfortable in your own world. ‘’

”All we really have control over in any situation is our thoughts, feelings and actions. We can only do our best with these and we have little or no control over our results or other people’s reactions towards us. It is also important to be mindful that our actions do cause this very same process to happen in other people. ‘’

Check out AboutKidsHealth’s video on this topic.

Thoughts,Feelings & Actions Exercise

How are your thoughts, feelings and actions effecting the experiences you are having?

Write the situation from your perspective?

1/ What happened?

2/ Why did it happen?

3/ How did it make me feel?

4/ Why did it make me feel like this?

5/ What did I do when it happened?

6/ Did I handle the situation as well as I could have?

Next time this happens I will remind myself to……

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