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Clear seeing

Trevor November 19, 2020

”Clear seeing is the alignment of your thoughts, feelings and actions through your perception of your experiences.

Or to put it more simply, it is the ability to see situations and things for what they really are, and not for what you believe they should or could be.”


Lets take a look at clear seeing in Mindography. When a person looks at a photograph and says that they like it. More often than not, they will describe the reasons with their conscious mind. ”Remember our Conscious Mind – The Logical Mind”. They will look at things like the location or the lighting, the colours or the people in the photograph. Consciously most will choose to see the physical stuff in a photograph.

However, the real reason they like the photograph is much more than this. Yes they see all the physical stuff, but what they really like about the photograph is the feeling it creates for them. Their ”Subconscious Mind – Feeling Mind” has taken what they have seen, experienced or ”Perceived” and associated it with a feeling. That feeling is the real reason they like the photograph. It is because of the emotions and feelings it creates for them when they see it.

”We’ll look at this picture for an example. I took this on a Wedding Day”


I’ve received a lot of bookings from this one picture. I’m very grateful for this. I like to ask why they liked it. So I’m going to share with you some of the most popular reasons people have given me for booking due to this picture.

  1. ‘’The stars look well’’
  2. ’’I love the way the umbrella is lit’’ 
  3. ‘’The gazebo thing is cool’’
  4. ”It shows you know what you are doing”
  5. ‘’It looks romantic or something?’’

This last lady was probably the closest. What they are more than likely seeing when they look at this picture is the thought of a romantic moment captured in a photo of them with their partner, which is filled with feelings of love and happiness from one of the greatest days of their lives.

Remember perception can be a choice. You can choose to see the physical or choose see and even feel the amazing. Its a choice!

People aren’t hiring a photographer just to take nice pictures. They are hiring someone to create a feeling and a memory for them which they can look back on forever.

You can do this every time you press the shutter yourself.….

Happy Memories Through Photography

There is a saying in Psychology that ‘’a memory without an emotion is just wisdom’’. Wisdom is fine if that is what you are looking for, but we would like you to be creating your own happy memories through thoughts, feelings, actions, experiences and photographs.

Mindography practice helps you do this. By being fully present at the time the photograph is taken ‘’in the now’’. This helps you to be fully immersed into what you are doing. This new awareness, gives you the opportunity to experience and savour your thoughts and feelings in these moments. This in turn helps you to create your own happy memories from these experiences. How you perceive the moment will determine how you feel towards the moment and you can consciously choose to make it a happy one.

After learning this. Can a photograph ever just be a photograph to you again? Can a Memory just be a Memory? I hope not. Every moment is a potential Memory which is full of thoughts, feelings and emotions. By taking a photograph of these moments, you can relive the memory each and every single time you see the photograph, or when you simply replay the event in your mind.

”Can you look at any of your pictures in a new way?”


Locate or print out some of the happiest memories you have created for yourself in pictures. You do not necessarily need to be the photographer. They just need to be pictures that you have happy memories about. You will need them later in this section for a Reminiscence exercise.

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