Give to Receive……

We have all heard the saying that you need to give to receive.

It’s the second law of the universe. But no matter what you believe, most people could do with receiving a little extra love and support at the moment. If giving is what it takes to receive, then let’s do this together as a community.


Before we share this, we just want to say that this is what we try to do daily and it helps us with the lockdown mindset. It’s not about ignoring what’s bad because that doesn’t help and it’s not about false positivity. We don’t believe in that either. It’s extremely important to try and remain positive and increase positivity in your life, but it is also as important to acknowledge if things are harder for you at the moment and understanding how you are feeling. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you.

We try to ask ourselves simple questions which may help to change our mind state and we hope by sharing what we do, it might help other people at such a strange and unique time.

Is lockdown 2 a time to stop focusing on what other people are doing?

Ask yourself… Is there a positive intention for the actions you take in your life every day? If you answered yes, then remember this means every action other people take in their life “including the government and people in power” have positive intentions for the people they are supporting too. This is true no matter what way we choose to perceive them.

Perception is everything!!! Every person on this planet operates to the best of their abilities day to day. Nobody is perfect and nobody should really want to be perfect all the time either. Some people are better equipped than others, some people just have very difficult decisions to make and some people are probably right on the edge of tears. Sometimes there is no right or wrong, simply because positive stuff can happen from “bad” situations and negative stuff can happen from “good” situations. Neither you, me or the government can really control the intentions of others.

Stopping the judgemental approach to everything we are seeing will help. Most situations simply ”are what they are” and there is no need to label them as good or bad. Work on becoming accepting towards other people’s perspectives and your own situation. This may lead you to better results and a calmer mind.

Is it time to stop wasting your energy focusing on things which are outside of our control?

Would it be more productive for you in your life if you were to focus your attention and energy on you, your family and what you can do? Instead of dwelling on what you can’t do. No matter how big or small these things may seem. Every little thing can help lift your spirits. Don’t take the little things for granted because they all add up.  Play your favourite songs, watch a funny movie, go to your favourite place in nature, be mindful, meditate, bake something, exercise, laugh, call a friend for a chat, do some deep breathing, light a candle, practice gratitude, take a walk and of course take some pictures haha. Find the little things that brighten your day.

Lend some support if your able, reflect on stuff that you can actually do and work on accepting what you can’t. No matter what is going on now, I can guarantee you have things to be grateful for in your life. Try writing these things down every day. Work on improving your time now, not just waiting for things to be better when this is over. Your life is happening now, so live the best way you can now.

Let’s all focus our energy in positive and productive places by helping and supporting one other. #give2receive

At this stage I’d guess nobody is immune and some may be struggling. Reach out, lend a little support and encouragement. A few words can change a person week, not to mind a day.

C’mon now, nobody was really prepared for a global pandemic. Empathy is what is really needed in the world now. Be easy on others and most importantly, be easy on yourself. These are strange times with strange days that run into strange weeks, but I’ll go no further here haha. If you are struggling reach out to someone, a problem shared is a problem halved. If you feel you are able to spread some love and lend support, go for it. How we help people has changed a lot in recent times and there are things we can’t do safely. There is still so much we can do! Pick up the phone, make a call, send a text, spread good news, share your knowledge and talents, make a donation, volunteer virtually, be mindful of those on the front line and check in on those living alone or vulnerable.

If it is not possible to take action and support someone, then a thought, a prayer or a simple gesture is a way of giving support. Once your intention is to create happiness in someone else’s life, then that is what giving is. Let’s do what we can do together and say we have taken a little action which can be a major step to improve the world we live in. #give2receive

If you or someone you know if finding it difficult and needs some extra support, speak to someone you trust, your GP or contact The Samaritans Charity, Pieta House 1800 247 247 or text “Help” to 51444, YSPI Ireland 1800 828 888 or text “Help” to 50015.

Be Safe, Stay Strong.

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