Expand Your Mind

‘’Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.’’

Well-being and Wellness

Well-being and Wellness are buzz words being spoken about quite a lot in recent times. But what is well-being really about?

Well-being is said to be the experience of health, happiness and prosperity in your life. It includes having good mental health, satisfaction in life, a sense of meaning or purpose, and knowing tools and methods to deal with stress and stressful situations. The community and programmes are what we provide for this.

‘’ Do you have struggles? Are you not feeling your usual self? Is life a little harder? Are you stressed, anxious or low? Maybe you just feel bored, isolated or lonely? Is it time to practice more self-care? Do you enjoy nature, but don’t get out enough? Would you like to learn how to experience nature fully? Did you struggle to combat the Covid mindset? Or do you just feel there is something missing and you could be happier? Well you are not alone’’

It’s time to learn something new. A new hobby and new way of thinking, which can help you to adapt in a new world. We all have physical, mental and emotional health and we need to look after all of these things.

Format and Refocus your mind with Mindography

Mindography is the happiness & well-being teachings that we provide. It’s a high result, low-tech program delivered through the community. In it, we combine mindfulness, photography and mindful photography to teach you a new and exciting way to see and experience the world around you every day.

All you need is a device which can take a picture and you can reap all of the amazing benefits of this type of practice. Things like our phones and other devices have now become part of our everyday life, so why not learn how to use them in a more productive manner?

The program focuses on 7 Core Features which enable you to flow through life. Each of the 7 features is a characteristic of your mind. Following them helps you to cultivate better thought patterns, while also providing you some amazing health and well-being benefits in the process. It is a practice you will learn through photography, but will also be used for everyday situations in your life.

Before the core features can be delivered, we teach you some eye opening information and self-improvement tools. Starting with how your mind and brain work, how your thinking affects you, your body’s stress response and tools to deal with stress and stressful situations. Next, you will learn what happiness and flow are really about and how to get more of them in your life through your photography. With all this knowledge fresh in your mind, it will be time to move onto the 7 core features which are the main focus of your practice.