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Trevor · July 20, 2020

Explore a new and exciting way to to take pictures and practice your photography.

Dive into a journey of self-discovery and joy with our unique Mindful Photography for Happiness & Well-being Program! Transform your love for photography into a tool for happiness, resilience, and stress relief. Unlock the secrets of mindfulness, flow states, and positive thinking, all while refining your photography skills. 

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Aristotle was one of the first men to write about happiness. He quoted:-

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no real education at all”


He believed any learning we do in life, should always be based around happiness & well-being. These things are now scientific, they are understandable, achievable by anyone and also teachable.

What do I need to have?

All you need is a device to take pictures, a pen, paper and an adventurous spirit! Our interactive course combines engaging videos, insightful articles, and writing exercises, guiding you to capture not just beautiful images but also life’s meaningful moments.

The Science & Theory

Backed by ancient wisdom and modern day scientific teaching, our approach ensures you learn while nurturing your body, mind and heart. Embrace a philosophy that helps you focus, stay present, observe without judgment, and accept your experiences. 

Happiness is a topic which has been spoken about and taught by great philosophers and theologians for thousands of years. A lot of these ancient philosophies still stand the test of time today. In modern days however, scientists have done a lot more research and studies to back up their findings.

Theories such as Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Need’s, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Studies and Martin Seligman’s Perma Theory of Wellbeing are at the forefront of this. Researchers now say that from tens of thousands of studies, they consistently come across 7 common things that happy people have and do. This is what our programs and community are designed to follow.

  1. Building Relationships & Connections
  2. Practicing Kindness
  3. Physiological Factors ”Exercise, Movement, Physical Fitness, Experiencing Nature & Exposure To Light”
  4. Developing A Positive Mindset
  5. Achieving Flow
  6. Discovering Strengths
  7. Finding Meaning

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