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3/Editing ”Make Your Images Art”

Trevor · July 16, 2020

Do your images lack that little bit of pop? Would you like to know how to give them a professional look? Or would you just like to enhance your profession or hobby by introducing a bit more creativity in your editing? Then this may be the ideal course for you.

This is our Lightoom Develop Module Course

The full course is delivered in 11 sections.

1/ Left Menu & Interface – 2/ The Basic Panel – 3/ Lightroom Tool’s – 4/ The Tone Curve Panel – 5/ The HSL/Colour Panel 6/ The Split Toning Panel – 7/ The Detail Panel – 8/ The Lens Correction Panel – 9/ The Transform Panel – 10/ The Effects Panel – 11/ The Calibration Panel

What level is this for?

This course is for people who are at novice, beginner and intermediate level working with Adobe Lightroom. People who want to know how to use all of Lightroom’s develop panels properly elevate your images to the next level.

How long will it take?

The first 2 lessons of this course are available in week one. We want you to practice and get used to these. After week one this is a self learning course for you to learn at your own pace. As soon as you purchase, lesson 1 & 2 are unlocked and after 7 days all lessons are unlocked. These are all a great reference guide to have opened on screen as you are editing your own images. You can watch, learn and implement what you are seeing in the course on your own images.

What do I Need?

You will need a computer, laptop or device with Adobe Lightroom loaded. This course was developed using Adobe Lightroom Classic.

What Will I Learn?

You will be guided through the complete edit process, using the Develop Module of Adobe Lightroom. Afterwards you will be able to implement this editing on your own images. It includes, Navigation, Presets, Snapshots, History, The Basic Panel, Tool bars, Tone Curve, HSL/Colour Sliders, Split Toning, Image Details, Lens Corrections, The Transform Panel, Effects and Camera Calibration.

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