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Stress, anxiety, burnout and depression!

Words such as stress, anxiety, burnout and depression may be much be more prevalent in all of our lives as we move forward. These things will also be more evident in the workplace. Looking after your employees mental and emotional well-being is crucial to maintaining a business that can flourish.

A study conducted by The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, stated that over 50% of the 550 million working days lost every year due to absenteeism are actually stress related. It also states that 80 percent of employees report that they feel stress at work and they need help learning how to manage their stress and stressful situations.

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Tailored Packages

We tailor our packages to groups, schools & community groups of all kinds, who would like to receive the benefits this practice provides.

Our program provides a combination of mindfulness, mindful photography, light exercise and being out in nature to provide the perfect rest bite from these types of mind states. We also teach practical tools which can be used to reduce stress and aid in the development of things such as creativity and self-resilience for this new and fast changing world.

All participants will need for this is their smartphone, so it can be a low tech, high reward resolution. We can provide people with continued support through our online community and the possibility of self-progression also.

We are now more connected than ever. As of June 2020, over 3.5 billion people own a smart phone. That’s just over 45% of the world’s population. This is a 10% increase on 2019’s figures. 610 million people now own digital cameras. 3 billion of us are on some form of social media and there are over 300 million photos being uploaded to Facebook every single day. If we are going to use these things consistently, we believe it’s important to understand how we can use them in a productive manner, which can improve our happiness and well-being in the process.

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