Focus On Happiness and the Mindful Photography courses are designed to follow the Perma Theory of Well-being

The PERMA Theory shows us how to achieve genuine happiness and well-being in our lives by using 5 building blocks. This theory was first penned by an American psychologist called Martin Seligman.

P – Positive Emotion = Feeling good
E – Engagement = Being completely absorbed in activities
R – Relationships = Being authentically connected to others
M – Meaning = Purposeful existence
A – Accomplishment = A sense of accomplishment and success

Positive Emotions can come from your mindfulness, photography and mindful photography practice, being out and about with your camera, living in the present, creating and reminiscing on memories, experiencing life, while also sharing and receiving encouragement and support on your journey.

Engagement is achieved by becoming immersed in whatever you are doing. This helps us the remain in the present moment. We also do challenges and tasks that keeps us calm, gives us focus and brings us joy, which helps us to achieve states of flow in our life. We are also engaging and interacting authentically with others in the community.

Relationships are built by having a safe space to share and be open. The community gives us this. Here we can be open, share and receive, support and encouragement. Relationships and social connections are one of our basic human needs. They are a crucial ingredient to living happy lives.

Meaning comes from being part of something bigger. A larger purpose, that gives you the ability to help others and express ourselves creatively, while also understanding the impact of our contribution and the difference it can make. Remember by improving
our life, we are also improving the lives of the people we meet and interact with every single day.

Accomplishments are fulfilled throughout this community and in many ways. I could fill the page with this one. We are achieving the second we enter and start to share and interact. We all do challenges and tasks as a collaborative group, but we each share our perception and express our own vision through our photography. This gives us a sense of accomplishment as a group and as individuals.